You are able to post a job directly to trades in the B+A platform for any property that is not registered with and linked to your property manager.

As a Tenant, you can post a job for the property manager or you can log a maintenance request as a consumer.

Go to Dashboard > click " + " Add New

Log a maintenance request as a consumer

As a Consumer, if you wish to send a maintenance request, through this section you will be able to do so by selecting the Jobs for Me.

Add new job > Select Job for me


Follow steps in order to add a new job to the platform.

Click "Ok" to proceed


Complete the job details screen

Defining Location

  • Job Title: Add a meaningful title in order to quickly identify what the job is about.

  • Detail Description : Describe the maintenance needed for the property.

  • Select Suburb: Suburb can be selected from this.

  • Property Type: You can select the Property Type which is Residential and Commercial.

  • Service: You'll be requested to take a photo of the issue, which will automatically suggest the job type through the Vision technology integrated into the app. If you do not wish to enter an image, the option is given to manually select the job type. Upon selection of the service type you can narrow down to the specific service type select the sub-service type.

  • Urgency: You can define the urgency by selecting the options listed below so that you will act accordingly when it is listed among multiple jobs created in a short span of time.

  • Budget: You can define the preferred budget for the maintenance request.

  • Recurring: When clicking on Recurring you will be asked to select the frequency of recurrence as well as defining a duration for the start and end of the maintenance cycle. Once the parameters are set, jobs will be automatically be created and scheduled under the posted master job.

The recurrence types will be: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, Annually, Custom.

  • Images/Videos: If you have any reference for the issue, in the form of an image(s) taken, a small video clip or need to share a document that’s related to the issue you can add through this option. When uploading files there are 02 ways you can do it.

1. By browsing and uploading files straight from the device

2.By uploading a file that is already archived in your document feature. More details of this option will be captured through “Document Share” mentioned under Left

  • Invite Trade: This feature allows you to select the trade for the job. You can either invite the trades in the market place or select from the map.

  • Quote Limit - For the quote limit, you have the flexibility to define the number quotes.

Upon successful completion of filling the details, you can proceed in either logging the maintenance request by clicking Post or if you want to post the job later you can click the draft option.

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