‘Go To Job’ Button to view the job details

You can view job details related to the emails you receive, with just a single click on the ‘Go To Job’ button in the Communications Dashboard.

‘Declined’ tag for trade rejected jobs

With this enhancement, the ‘Declined’ tag will be displayed in the Overview tab along with the trade details when you view a job that has been rejected by a Trade.

‘Download All’ button improvement

  • With this new feature, all the files attached to a posted job can be downloaded as a zip file.

  • You can also download the files attached by trades for a particular job when you approve the invoice via the ‘Approve Invoice’ screen.

Change the default ‘Due Date’ of 'Urgent' jobs

We have given the facility to change the ‘Due Date’ when posting a job with 'Urgent' priority as well as the ability to edit the ‘Due Date’ by changing the ‘Priority’ of a job that has been posted already.

Set the User Types in Business Rules

With this release, you receive the facility to set the User Types when creating a Business Rule for ‘Quotes Pending Job’, ‘Pending Invoice Job’, or ‘Externally Posted Job’.

✨ 'Change Job Payer’ enhancements

With the latest improvements, you can select only the relevant owners, tenants, as well as the payer on behalf of the owner, when changing the payer in a respective job.

Daily summary email for all Work Orders and Quote Requests

The latest release will reduce the email in your trades inboxes by arranging the Work Orders and Quote Requests reminder emails grouped into one daily summary email.

Automatic Job posting for Tenants

All tenant jobs will automatically be sent within 5 minutes when posting a maintenance request via email / Omni channel options.

Invoice sync fail notification

Property Managers will be notified via email when an Invoice sync is failed so that the account code or other issue with the email will be able to be handled in real-time.

Send attachments to the Owner via the ‘Approve invoice’ screen

The new enhancement is given when enabling ‘Notify Owner’ in the ‘Approve invoice’ screen to send the attachments respectively to the Owner using the ‘Include Invoice Attachment’ and ‘Include Completed Image Attachments’ options.

‘Agency address’ new field in the User Profile Settings

A new field is added to the ‘User Profile Settings’ to add the address of the Agency.

Facility to select “Your Trades” and “Marketplace Trades" in Invite Trades

Now you can filter agency-registered trades from the “Your Trades” tab, and B+A registered trades from the “Marketplace Trades” tab easily in different lists when you want to invite trade/s for Quotes pending jobs or Quotes available jobs.

Open a Job detail view in the B+A system using the Job ID in PT

You can navigate to the detailed view of a Job in B+A with a single click on the Job ID on the maintenance request in the Property Tree.

Assign PMs to respond to Jobs posted after Agency working hours

Now you have the facility to assign PMs to respond to jobs posted after the working hours of the agency by enabling the setting.

Approve a Quote by adding a Note

Now when you approve a Quote, it's mandatory to add the note before approving the Quote.

  • The ‘Search All Agency Registered Trades’ button will be removed from some redundant situations.

  • The ‘Access through Key Safe’ checkbox will be removed from ‘Trade Settings’ relevant to the ‘General Settings’ by making it the default key collection option for ‘Strata Master Properties’ when posting a job.

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